Friday, January 13, 2012

Building our chook house

We spent this afternoon building a chook pen! I have wanted chickens for years and years and today moved a whole lot closer to getting them.

My birthday present (last April) was a flat packed chook run. Today we put it together. With Howard working 6 days a week and me working 45+ hours a week its been a bit hard to find the hours.

Building the egg box took the longest. When we put it together there were big gaps so we added a beading to ffill them. This will make cleaning up so much easier.

 We added new heavy duty wire and new latches too. We're not worried about our ladies getting out, this is fox proofing. Foxes are a reality here. We see them running down the road in the early evening.

 The completed chook run at the bottom of the garden, looking into the vegie patch and the paddocks beyond.
My handy husband who built it for me! I was nurse to the surgeon and just handed over tools and nails.

Now I just need to buy my chooks! So exciting. Chooks will be the ultimate in homespun living.

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