Friday, September 27, 2013

You can't beat fresh asparagus and eggs for brunch

Brunch is my favourite meal. Really how can you beat it? It only occurs after a lazy sleep-in and it is obviously a pre-cursor to a slow day ahead.

Brunch always involves eggs for me.  And fresh eggs from your own chickens are the best.  Sorry, I know that's not possible for everyone and believe me some days we don't get any. This morning there were two eggs for the first time since Autumn.

Today's brunch was particularly lovely.  First I collected the eggs and harvested fresh asparagus from the garden.  Howard went to the shop for the crunchy bread rolls.  The chives have re-sprouted here, they always die off over winter and the parsley is bright green and healthy so I collected some herbs too.

To save water, power and washing up I steamed the asparagus on top of the poaching pan.

 It is a bright sunny Spring day here so we sat outside on the back verandah to enjoy our feast of egg, cheese, asparagus, bread, herbs and fresh squeezed orange, carrot and celery juice.
How did you start your day? 

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