Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 things: favourite flowers

My five favourite flowers:
1.       Daffodils
I have swathes o fdaffies in my garden. When I moved here there were a few clumps which I have spread out and added to. Last year I added ranunculas too. Over the next month I will be planting more daffies and ranunculas to add to next Spring's display.

2.       Lavender
Always one of my favourites. I remember being in a play when I was 8 and my Mum gave me a cake of Yardley's old English lavender soap. I've been smitten ever since.

3.       Frangipani
Reminds me of summers growing up in tropical Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Sadly they don't grow where I live. Although they come in many colours I prefer the yellow and white. Not to besmerch any companies, I have never smelt a soap or candle called 'frangipani' thaat smell anything like the real thing. They are a seasonal treat therefore.

4.       Passion flowers
Divine and as the precursors to fruit you can't go past them.

5.       Jasmine
Ah, another sccent of summer. I particularly love the night jasmine varieties that fill the air with their heady perfume. again a perfume that can't be replicated. You have to wait for the real thing and enjoy it to the full while you can.


  1. Jasmine's an absolute favourite for me. Evokes childhood memories every time.

  2. me too, sadly I didn't have a photo

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