Monday, March 5, 2012

Enter my blog giveaway as I celebrate 100 posts on homespunblissblog

I kind of knew that 100 posts was coming up but then it snuck up in the end.
Yay, 100 Homespunblissblog posts!

As I said in the beginning, if I don't have anything to post about then I'm not living the life of my dreams. 100 posts down I'm certainly getting closer.
Recently I have added chickens to my menagerie, I am sewing, mosaicing, holding stalls at markets and working actively on my business, DarlingBridget. I make soap, preserve fruit, cook and garden. All of these activities equal homespunbliss for me.

Yes its an eclectic mix but diversity keeps me interested.
So what is my plan for 2012? Scary that its March already and I'm just getting going, but still.
  • Attend at least 6 markets this year with DarlingBridget.
  • Re-launch my DB art to wear label with brooches, earrings, pendants and bib necklaces.
  • Keep blogging about everything I love and my journey to achieving homespunbliss.
  • Connect with other bloggers and increase my followers to 50 this year!
  • Be authentic to me and my dream.
  • Hope to strike a cord with others and create a community of people who dream of homespunbliss!
To find out how to win this pretty lingerie wrap keep reading below.  This wrap is made from a white vintage tray cloth with lace trim, lined with white satin and finished with a ribbon tie.

To enter do one or more of the following. Leave me a comment for each one.
1. Sign up as a follower to this blog.
2. Share my blog with your friends.
3. Follow my DarlingBridget page on Facebook
4. Share my DarlingBridget Facebook page with your friends.
5. Go to my DarlingBridget store on and come back and tell me which product you like best and why.
You get one entry for each of the above tasks. Just remember to leave me a message to tell me about them.

I'm sure you're wondering why you'd get your friends to join in, the more
entries the less chances you have to win right? So if you share my blog with your friends and they become followers, you'll gain a bonus point. The same goes for my DarlingBridget Facebook page, just tell me about it or I won't know who to give the points to. What do you think, does that entice?

So how do you leave a comment?
At the end of each blogpost or article, you will find # comments.
1. Click on the word comments.
2. You will find a comments box (you might have to scroll up a little to see it). Type your comment in the box. Choose from the drop down list labelled Comment as. If you have an online profile such as Google (or gmail account), choose from the list and log in. Otherwise choose Anonymous.
3. If you choose Anonymous please leave me your name in the comment box.
4. Click publish.
Its that easy.

What else is new for homespunblissblog in 2012?
Monday nights I share a post on Make, Grow, Thrift on the
Wednesday nights I am reinstating a list post - I stopped doing my 10 things Mondays because I wanted to get involved in Make, Grow, Thrift. So Wednesday nights will now feature 5 homespun things.
Other nights - always plenty of stories and photos about my chickens, cooking, growing food, making soap, sewing for DarlingBridget, going to markets and in all other ways striving for a homespun life!

Good luck with the give away and thanks for sharing my journey. You keep me on my path.


  1. Hiya Jodie,

    Congrats on the milestone! I'm already following you... will drop over to etsy now...


  2. Okay, I love the vintage fabric handbag. Super cool. Love the handles! grace

  3. gorgeous blog, love your link to other blogs, thanks who are you not to live your dream!!

  4. Good on you Grace, thanks for entering. Glad you like that bag! Hi Sammi - thanks for commenting, Yay my intructions must work.

  5. Hi Jodie
    I don't look all that good in Lingerie.
    Do you do Terry Towelling hats? (Blue)?
    Good work with the Blog.

  6. Congrats Darling Bridget, what an achievement. Btw love the new banner image. Very Marie x

  7. hey Denis
    perhaps you could give the wrap as a gift if you wn. Thanks for the congrats! cheers

  8. To be honest, I even could not imagine how hard it is to find decent piece of info on the above topic. mdma



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