Monday, March 19, 2012

Visit to Eagle Farm racecourse farmers' market

I spent this weekend visiting family and friends in Brisbane, which was lovely. We all visited a farmers market yesterday at Eagle Farm racecourse.
This was the best farmers market I have been to outside of Europe.

We arrived at about 10am and spent a lovely time wandering around the stalls starting with the flowers.

I'm quite sure that not all the flowers were yellow but I was drawn to these dahlias, sunflowers and roses.
Next Howard queued for coffee - he doesn't like this photo, says he looks cranky.
He wasn't but then he hadn't had coffee yet...

We bought fresh bread, exotic salts, blood orange infused olive oil and smelt yummy essential oils.

Fresh homemade pasta was a treat. My sister bought garlic and chilli tagliatelle and I brought home saffron and lemon myrtle tagliatelle. I can't wait to try it. I think it may go well with the blood orange olive oil.

Last of all we chose from laden tables of fresh fruit and vegetables. And I mean fresh. We bought beetroots, celery, crispy cos lettuce, stone fruits, apples and much more. My sister stocked up for the week. My parents bought vegies and fresh potted herbs to take home.

We had an interesting debate about farmers markets. Obviously from the variety of produce on each stall these aren't the primary producers. They go to the big city wholesale markets early in the morning and then bring their purchases to the farmers markets. I'm not complaining but am conscious of food miles. I would love to have such a spectacular farmers market near home. In the ideal world though, wouldn't it be cool to have a true farmers market. Perhaps one stall would just sell potatoes. Maybe another one pumpkins. Someone would have made cheese from their own cows' milk. All that would be on offer would be local and home grown and would change with the seasons.

But for now I'll commend my sister for taking her kids to the market each weekend to choose fresh food that they are happy to eat. And thank her for taking me along.


  1. I agree that I enjoy the true farmers markets more than just a fresh produce one, but it still beats the supermarket any day. Tell Howard I don't think he looks cranky lol!



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