Thursday, July 26, 2012

Growing seedlings in peat pots

I am experimenting with jiffy/peat pots.  

I have planted lots of different types of beetroot seeds in the pots. If you haven't used them before, the idea is that you plant the whole pot which will then compost into the garden.  These aren't really peat but compressed cardboard.

So they are great to use with seedlings that don't like being transplanted or having their roots disturbed.
I have planted both traditional beetroots: crimson of course and more exotic varieties. I have burpee golden which are a wonderful yellow colour that doesn't stain, as well as the fabulous Chioggia which has concentric white and red circles. Chioggia hale from the Veneto, on the outskirts of Venice, my favourite city. 

Soaking the seeds in warm water first helps them germinate. I am pretty sure I have killed them in the past by having the water too hot. Warm not boiling is the answer.

Beetroot is one of those wonderful year round crops. You need to plant frequently so that you have a constant supply. You don't want them all to be ready to pick at the same time.  They are slow growing, well here at least.  So I am planning almost for Christmas.


  1. thank you for the advice on beetroot seeds
    and ... lucky you to get such a lovely pressie of dirt
    mmm very nice soul to do that and can just see the lush garden growing in the raised beds yay!! sammi

  2. Hey Sammi my darling girl. I just need some sun for them all to germinate



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