Friday, July 27, 2012

Saturday morning chores are done

Its Saturday morning. As always after the working week there are many chores to be done.

The winter wardrobe of black, black or black is washed and on the line.

The chicken coop is clean and full of clean mulch and shredded paper.
The chooks are out and scratching around. This is Kate.
Scarlet likes to get into my garlic patch.

The compost is refreshed and layered. I re-read my compost book recently. I'd forgotten coffee is an accelerator for the compost (not just people!). I took a lidded bucket to the coffee cart at my work and had it filled with used grounds. There's an idea for a free and easy resource for you.  So I've put in some coffee and wet the whole lot with a bucket of water.

Tomorrow I am very keen to finish my vegie patch. I have to weed and mulch this area

and this bed.
This is the last overgrown bed.  Then its maintenance only. I am so very pleased with how its all going. I still haven't planted my berries as I have been worried about frost and I have these new seedlings to put in.

I have plenty of mulch waiting to be used.

But tomorrow's biggest task will be to move this huge pile of firewood off the driveway. 

Our house is poorly designed in that access to the backyard is very limited. I can't predict how many wheelbarrow loads this will be but they will be carted across the carport, down a slippery, steep path and across the backyard to where we stack it under a verandah.  Think of the exercise and the warmth of course.

Tonight I will make yoghurt, muesli and bake bread for tomorrow. All very homespun and homely.

But right now, I am off to work for the afternoon.

Whatever you are doing today, look for the joy and smile.

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