Sunday, July 1, 2012

A winter weekend of gardening

I've really been connecting with the soil lately and loving in. I wonder how I ever let life get so busy that I forget how important it is.

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

I am doing lots of weeding in the vegie patch. I have beds but also some open areas. Its the open areas I am concentrating on. I have weeded and mulched with mushroom compost and lucerne. I have added new paths through these areas too.  Today Howard helped me by whipper snippering. It makes such a difference and makes it all feel a whole lot less hopeless.

The first area will be my berry patch. I have plants that I ordered from The Diggers Club. Lots of different varieties of berries. I am very excited and also very nervous that they will fail. Well, I can but do my best.

The other will be a pumpkin patch.

I planted out some white onion seedlings today too.

So in total I have celery, beetroot, garlic, cauliflower, onions and strawberries in my winter garden.

How does your garden grow?


  1. Your garden looks lovely Jodie. I've been longing all week to get into mine but without fail. I did manage to film the strawberry thief yesterday though...I'll be posting the film later.

    Hope your continues to grow well.

  2. Sounds like a lovely variety of plants in your vegie patch! I've planted, potatoes, zucchinis, silverbeet, carrots, a few lettuce and some herbs. Some tomatoes that came up on their own are being nurtured hoping I get a great crop before the dreaded fruit fly becomes a nuisance in the warmer weather.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time! I love weeding! The hard work is therapeutic for me and the best way to handle the kids when they drive me nuts inside, I got outside and weed. Before long they are outside and everyone is friends again!

    Good luck with your berries!

  4. Thanks for your comments everyone. I obviously don't like gardening when its freezing but cools ok, no flies and its easier work. Maria you must be north of me if you are growing potatoes and tomatoes?



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