Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday gardening chores are done too

Wow have I been one busy girl today. I'm just out of a hot bath, sitting in front of a raging fire with a cold glass of Prosecco (Italian champagne), cheese, crackers and my laptop so I can tell you about my day.

I went into town (ha, its truly only a village) and begged some scraps for the chookie girls from the local fruit and vegie shop.  I hung up a bunch of green pick for the girls, when I locked them up this evening it had barely lasted 30mins. But for once I have enough for the week.  Whenever Scarlet got into the vegie patch today she pecked at my celery so that's a bit of a hit.

Howard carted the whole load of firewood to the backyard and I stacked it. It will keep us going through the rest of this winter and spring and probably into the next winter. We will have visitors this Christmas from up north who always think its colder than we do so the wood will help them through too.  I don't know how much wood this is but it took a couple of hours to move.  My stacks are not up to Swiss standards - we saw some magnificent wood piles around Interlaken. There's some gratuitous travel talk for you!
But I did collect a great basket of kindling.

After that I spread the soil given to me last week in the beds and mulched. I weeded this bed as planned yesterday.

I pulled out the weeds and grass but left some of the dry straw like stuff. I added three wheelbarrow loads of soil over the top.

Once I spread the soil over the mulch I planted cauliflower, broccoli and kale.

I added horse poo to what will be my pumpkin patch, mulched again. Planted some onion seedlings, watered, weeded.

My chookie girls had a lovely day out, scratching and pecking around the yard. Whilst I was mulching their coop with hay I popped the girls' food bowl on the coop's roof. I was really surprised when Kate jumped up to eat and Scarlet followed her.

My doggies have had a good day in the garden, the girls were out all day, the cats are happy. I am tired and have some very sore muscles after my hard day stacking, weeding, digging. Sore but satisfied. It feels so wonderful to have achieved something with the weekend. Happy kids, happy garden: happy me.


  1. Thanks Greer, it must be twice the amount we've ever bought at once before

  2. they are indeed, such difficult photography subjects, they rarely stand still
    I'd like to see what you do with them as a subject



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