Thursday, May 10, 2012

5 things Wednesday - keeping a visual journal

I keep a written journal and a visual journal. I was however horrified to discover today that I had not made an entry in my visual journal all year. I did not expect that at all.  I packed a basket full of collage materials, glue, scissors and crayons and went out into the sunshine.
 I covered a piece of black cardboard with season inspired images and motivational words. As this particular visual board is about keeping me working on my dreams, I added an envelope in which to tuck notes outlining my actions and successes.  I used photos from magazines as well as silk flowers, leaves and stickers from cheap shops and craft suppliers.
This will go on the wall in my studio.

5 ideas for keeping a visual journal or dream board

 1. The other pages from my journal are varied according to my mood. They include inspiring magazine pictures.

2.  Or materials from craft shops like these coloured leaves glued onto a simple painted background.
3. Believe in my dreams - silk flowers and transfer flowers.

 4. Paper cutouts work well. The word journey here is cut out from a colour copy of a street directory map.
5. The visual journal gives you the chance to experiment and explore. No creative talent is needed. This is a free space to play and feel free. Cheap paints work just fine in a sketch book.

Just be yourself.

I have never shared this pages before. How do you stay inspired? Do you let your inner child out to play?  Please share your story.

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