Sunday, May 13, 2012

Adventures in bread making 1 - new bread machine

I have been making my own bread for years - well except the last year or so when I have been without a bread machine. The last one ceased to operate after many years of good service.

I tried to make bread from scratch.

Mixing and kneading is fine. Keeping the dough the right temperature to rise is not. I live in a cold area and even ridiculous lengths did not bring consistent results.

I've given up and bought a new bread machine.

The rising process is somewhat shortened so the loaf is perhaps not as robust but the advantages outweigh this.

It takes a couple of tries with the various recipes and settings to decide which bread style you like.

I know now after 3 loaves that I can set the timer over night and have a loaf ready for breakfast and packed lunches in the morning.

Do you make bread?


  1. Mmm... I can just imagine the wonderful aroma of freshly cooked bread that greets you in the morning :-)

  2. It is divine. This new bread machine not only beeps when it finished but keeps beeping every 5 minutes until you turn it off, so gets me up and going

  3. It looks sooo good Jodie! Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread.



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