Saturday, May 26, 2012

A few days away: big city, beach and country studio trails

I am stuck in a loud, busy airport on my way home from almost a week away.
I have retreated into my laptop and courtesy of free wi-fi I am sharing this post.

Last Wednesday I travelled to Surfers Paradise for a work conference. Then a couple of days later headed into the country to stay with family. Today I am on my way home. Tomorrow its back to work.

As I did with last weekend's adventures, I'd like to share a few quick snap shots to describe the week I've had.

For the conference I stayed in the heart of Surfers Paradise. I grew up here but moved away about 15 years ago. It was fun to be a tourist for a little while in my home town. The conference was really full on but I managed to go to an evening market ...

and walk along the beach early in the morning.
 My family have all moved away, as I did. My parents live in a beautiful country town with an active artistic community. This weekend the Butter Factory studios were open.

So there ends my little story.  Home to animals galore, my garden, kitchen and own humble studio.

What did you do this weekend?

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