Monday, May 28, 2012

Packing lunch - a great way to save money and eat healthier

Last week during my days away I bought myself the most darling lunch box. A lunch box for grown ups is quite hard to find.  I couldn't resist this.

I like to pack my own lunch.  I don't always of course. Sometimes I go for weeks without taking my lunch but by then I get antsy to get back on track.  I am passionate about home cooked food. I also work full time so need to be pragmatic and accept defeat at times.

The only real way I have found to succeed is to cook ahead of times. Its great to cook up a storm every few weekends and fill the freezer and fridge.

I have been busy the last two weekends so its all looking pretty bare...

Tonight I am starting to get back on track.

I have set the bread machine to have a loaf ready at 6.30 tomorrow morning.

I have made muesli/granola for the first time. It is full of oats, pecans, dates, sultanas.  I'll share the instructions once I've given it a try. Hopefully it tastes good - it was very easy to make.

I have also started making my own yoghurt - this is not going to be ready to eat until Wednesday. It takes a while but its worth it.

As long as I fill my new lunch box with healthy, filling foods I will be able to resist the urge to buy sweets. It will save me money and I'll be able to suit my own tastes and be healthy.

I am trying particularly hard to avoid pre-packaged foods at the moment. I prefer fresh, whole foods and to know what is in the food I eat.  Not that I don't get slack, or indulge in fun foods too. This is my ideal and I go through both active and slack stages.

Do you pack your own lunch? If so, why?  Thrift, health or both? What ever you eat, enjoy your lunch tomorrow.

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  1. I love your new lunch box Jodie...cute retro scooter.

    I agree that if I have a tasty lunch with me I'm not half as tempted to buy rubbish food. I used to make yoghurt a long time would be fun to start again.

    At the moment I don't need to take lunch as I leave home just after lunch time . But I try to have something that will keep me going because I'm often not home until 7pm which is five hours later. So quinoa with vegetables is good, or a big bowl of porridge and fruit or if I'm in a real hurry crunchy peanut butter and pickled beetroot sandwich on spelt bread (no I'm not pregnant...and I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it's one of my favourite sandwich combinations!)



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