Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gardening jobs 2 - The compost bin

I recently posted about how much my chickens have helped my compost along.  I thought I'd share an update on how its going.

I have just emptied and spread a whole bin through my vegie beds.  It turned into compost more quickly than usual thanks to the added carbon matter and manure. So here's the story of starting again.

As it is best to layer your compost, first gather your raw materials.
As you can see you don't need a lot of space.

I started with grass clippings. At this time of year they have the added bonus of chopped up dry leaves which add to the carbon component.
Then I added some ash from the fireplace, some horse manure and a layer of kitchen scraps.

Shredded paper and mulch from the chicken coop on top. I will keep going with layers of scraps and chicken coop bedding. The grass is slowing down but I will add clippings when I have them. I topped it all off with some left over compost and soil. A drink of molasses and its all ready to start breaking down.

For more on composting the homespun way please check out my earlier post or leave me a comment.

Happy composting.


  1. Thank you for the tip about using molasses. I hadn't heard of that before. My compost bin 'needs all the help it can get'!

  2. Love to see someone's composting bin, thanks for the tips.

  3. Hi ladies thanks for the comments. The molasses is great Maria bt don't under-estimate the need for dry 'brown' materials -try some shredded paper or autumn leaves and see if that helps. Cheers



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