Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gardening jobs 1 - Worm farming

I have been a little concerned that my worm farm doesn't have many worms left in it. They haven't been eating a lot. Time to give them some TLC.

First task - spread some newspaper on a work table and tip the contents of the worm farm out.
Wearing gloves (for the sake of the worms) gently pile the worm castings up to a peak.  The exra light will encourage the worms to dig down into the pile.

Then you can skim off the castings which is the soil like stuff that the worms have created from their food.

As you can see there are plenty of worms.  They just needed some attention.

This worm farm has been on the go for about 8 years so I am always happy to see it is going along well.

Pop the worms back in their box with some of the castings.  Add new food - I have given them banana skins and the fruit and vegie pulp from my juicer.

Just like the compost bin the worm farm needs carbon matter too so add some shredded paper or dry leaves.

Top off with sheets of damp newspaper and some cardboard or hessian. This keeps them moist and adds food too. 

After a bit of maintenance I have productive worms again and a tray full of castings to fertlise the garden.

If you are looking for more info you may like to check out my earlier post or leave me a comment.

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