Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gardening jobs 3 - the vegie patch

My vegie patch has been a bit neglected of late. It was a very wet summer so didn't produce much. Its sunny again, albeit getting cooler as we travel through Autumn.

As my compost was ready I did some weeding.

My one bin of compost stretched to spread across three garden beds.
In the first I planted strawberries for a treat next Summer.

In two others I have planted three different types of garlic including early, mid and late varieties, again for next Summer.

The beds are just waiting the arrival of some lucerne bales that will provide a thick, warm mulch over the top.

Following the permaculture philosophy of keeping often used plants close to the kitchen I planted some lettuce in the herb garden I am fortunate enough to have near my kitchen and front door.

Handy for packing lunches and dinner garnishes.

What is in your garden this May?


  1. Love your vegie garden beds. They are making me feel motivated to finish mine. All I need is some soil, manure etc and then the planting fun begins!

  2. Thanks. My husband and Dad made the beds for me. I have been gradually been filling them up with compost and mulch. If you don't have much planting to do before the warm months, now is a great time to fill them up with manure to break down over winter. Please let me know how you go!



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