Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gardening with an audience

I love my garden, love growing food. It is astonishing though how quickly it all goes to pot and gets overgrown. Nature: ie grass takes over completely in the blink of an eye. Over the past two weekends I have dug and mulched and the beds are all looking beautiful and fertile.

The paths and open areas are still a disaster but I will fix that next weekend. My lower back has had enough today and my hands feel like sandpaper.

I worked one bed at a time - weeded, then mulched. The asparagus bed got an extra treatment with a mix of homespun compost and horse manure.

I discovered kale and red spinach in this bed that self-seeded from last season. 

I'm back inside in front of a fire. The cute thing though is that I had an audience today when I worked.

The cows who live over the fence came to look so I threw them the grass I pulled out. It feels good to reconnect with the earth to dig and nurture and grow.

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  1. I love growing my own produce too. So satisfying to use herbs and vegges from the garden.

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