Sunday, July 28, 2013

Christmas in July at Grand Fountaindale Manor, Robertson

Tourists in our own town again today.

We walked down to Grand Fountaindale Manor for the last day of their Christmas in July celebration.

People from the northern hemisphere usually think its a very strange thing, decorating big hotels in full Christmas regalia in July. But its winter here now. Our summers are hot, hot, hot. You don't want egg nog and mulled wine and pudding when its 40 degrees and you run electric fans outside.  But its perfect in July.

We enjoyed Devonshire tea in front of a fire listening to old carols.


  1. Love the photos and atmosphere Jodie. I had carols playing yesterday, only that I was too lazy to change the cd! :-)

  2. LOL the staff were commenting on how glad they were that it was all over - no more carols. Thanks for liking my pics



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