Friday, July 26, 2013

The steam train visited Robertson today

The steam train visited Robertson today. We heard its whistle as it crossed the paddocks beyond our house. On a whim we grabbed cameras, leapt into the car and chased the train. We've lived here close to 10 years and we've never done that before. We have been at the station when it has come in but today we dashed in and out of the car, up and down the line taking snaps and it was FUN!

I took these photos with my digital camera. Howard took along his Spectra Polaroid. I'll share them when they've been scanned.

Its a stunning day, clear sunny. The steam train can only visit in Winter - there's too high a fire risk at other times of year. The heritage rail does run at other times but the old carriages are pulled by a diesel. It was nice to be a tourist in our own town. Nice to see so many people out and about enjoying life: the local kids were playing soccer, the cafes were full and there were a heap of people like us chasing the train.

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