Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Harvest time and hearty winter soups

Its still early enough in winter that we are able to harvest vegetables here in the Southern Highlands. My neighbour grew this magnificent pumpkin. It is a Queensland blue, from my home state, a lovely looking pumpkin. Cutting them is a real challenge though. You need a cleaver.  I poked my biggest knife into the top as far as I could get it then banged the whole lot against the chopping board until I broke through. They are daunting but they taste good. I made pumpkin soup, roast pumpkin and a curry.

 We haven't had a frost so the potatoes are still growing. I filled a bucket with spuds from just one spot  in the garden. There are many more to pull up but they are tricky to store. Inevitably I won't find them all so they will self-seed next season. Yet again lots of warming soup opportunities reside in this bucket.
The largest potato I have grown came out of a narrow space between a garden bed and a fence. There is actually a chunk still in the ground under the fence that I couldn't dig out that will start next year's crop. You can just see the sliced off end on the left. Isn't it crazy!

Hope you are keeping warm and toasty if you are with me in the Southern Hemisphere. I had a load of wood delivered today so we have a roaring fire going. 

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  1. Did you say curry? I have been having curry cravings for weeks! I made a curry this week too. It was so hot, spicy and delish and the smell through the house was so goooood. :-) Soups are the only reason I like winter!



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