Friday, July 5, 2013

Graduation at last

Way back in January I remember throwing a temper tantrum or two over the horror of studying part-time whilst working full time. Eventually I got it together - you can read about the experiences here and there.

Today I got confirmation that it was all worth while. I traipsed into town to the Post Office to collect an unknown, unexpected parcel. I had an aha moment when I saw the logo on the large envelope. I decided not to wait until October to receive my testamur in Armidale. I've graduated twice before, finishing was enough.

So here it is, my Graduate Diploma of Management.
Its not the Academy Awards but I reserve the right to make a short speech and thank all those who encouraged me. Firstly Howard for encouraging me to finish, to my Mum, Sister and niece as always. And to friends and followers of my blog for the kind words when I almost threw my computer at the wall. I am so glad to have finished, to have won and as always to have learnt new things. 


  1. cool! congrat Jodie! well done!

  2. thanks David, it was a journey. phew

  3. Congratulations on a great achievement, Jodie! I went back to uni in my early 40s and did a Bachelor, then a Masters so I know how hard it is working , raising a family and studying! Hopefully you will get some 'me time' occasionally now! Lol

  4. Life is better without it Maria, I'm afraid I couldn't keep going to get to Masters level

  5. Congrats Jodie - forgot to mention it to you while we were visiting. PS: there is nothing wrong with sleeping in btw, like the pasta, open fire and kitty/puppy love - it's all good for the soul xxx



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