Monday, July 22, 2013

Vintage update to cheap cardigan

Last week I bought a cheap cardigan. Its soft and comfy and a gorgeous shade of blue. Just the thing to throw over basic black work attire.

This morning I wore it for the first time. On the way to work I folded back the sleeves to a comfortable length. Oops, I noticed a small fault on the sleeve. A pucker and bleach spot.

Not to worry its fixed. A couple of sparkly vintage buttons and no one will ever notice.  One on each cuff - now they are permanently cuffed but the length is just right. I replaced the top button to make sure the cuffs tied in. And besides, now its really mine! It feels less mass produced, less cheap and no one else has one the same. Simple and one of my favourite fixes.


  1. looks so much prettier and dainty with your flower buttons Jodie!



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