Monday, July 15, 2013

Weary to my bones tonight

Monday evening, just home from work. Its raining lightly outside, just a drizzle really. I crave simple food so a pot of pasta is on the stove. My cats and dogs are nagging for their dinners but they can wait a little longer. Howard is at work for several hours yet so I've put the TV on for company. I am yet to start a fire - its not cold enough now but if I delay too long the temperature will drop and it will be too late to raise it again. The alternative is a hot bath and an early night. Hmmm tempting. If I give in I'll get up tomorrow and feel I wasted my evening and the cycle will continue all week. Tricky isn't it.

I often struggle with this dilemma, giving my all at work, having no energy left in the evening to pursue what I consider my own life, the real me. I try to squeeze my life into the weekends. But first I sleep in Saturday morning. The experts on insomnia say that is a bad thing to do as less hours up and about make it harder to go to sleep that night. But how can I not: its the only way I feel I restore some energy.

Tonight I'm going to light the fire, eat my dinner then let myself have a guilt free early night after some indulgent TV viewing.  

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