Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day four: freezing cold and raining, hmm let's stay inside and sew

Winter turned up unannounced today. It rained in the night and was freezing when I got up. I dawdled for a while. I wanted to go back to the gardening I started yesterday. I kept hoping it would warm up a little or perhaps just that I would get brave and ignore the chill and get out there anyway. Before I knew it, it started pouring and it didn't stop for hours and hours. Hmm what to do?

Easy! I stayed inside and sewed.

First I tidied my desk. It was a disaster.

Then I sewed two new skirts. I used a basic knee length, straight, side-zip skirt pattern that is my favourite. Fabulous fabric just needs a basic pattern. I bought this fabric ages ago. I am going to a conference next month - I think these will add some pizzazz to my travel wardrobe.
All I need is basic black tops and shoes and I'm set. 
And I've reclaimed my desk for my next project! I've had a great day. 

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