Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday again already

Another stunning day - it sounds so monotonous doesn't it? Only its not, its divine. Warm, bright and sunny, soft breeze. My perfect idea of spring. The daffies are blooming, along with lemon and yellow pansies, dark cerise rhododendruns, blue marguerites and lavender. A blue and yellow palette with shots of pink.

The chickens are out scratching - probably digging up my vegies, Kate likes to do that.  Their coop is clean with fresh with lavender and herbs to pick out. Today's selection is lemon balm, Vietnamese mint, rosemary and thyme.

The washing is all done and swaying on the line. The gardens are all watered. The dogs and cats have taken themselves off for naps. There's no one around but me and the birds.

I need to mop and vacuum but its far too nice outside for that. Those chores can wait for the waning sun.

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