Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day six - cooking up a storm part 2: banana muffins, pumpkin pasties and hommous

Still cold today. I started the day with an indulgent massage. A couple of quick errands and home. Wimped out on the garden again. I actually had an afternoon nap. I haven't done that for years.  I struggled to relax - the cats kept coming and going and my mind was racing.  In the long run though it has helped me. I finished the sewing I started yesterday and I have been cooking ever since.

I have made hommous - yum!  Pumpkin pasties. There was left over pumpkin mix when I ran out of pastry so I threw that into some canneloni tubes. And banana muffins are in the oven baking away. Oh and the crock pot is full of applesauce that I will bottle tomorrow morning.

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